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Last time we were here discussing the Sonos wireless audio system, I was speaking about my experience of spending in the region of £1,200 on my setup.  I thought I would take the time to bring you an update of my more recent experience of Sonos and the developments over the last year.

To recap, last year I detailed my setup which consisted of 1 x Playbar, 1 x sub and 2 x Play 3 to create as Sonos describe it ‘5.1 surround’, all brought to your ears using the Sonos bridge, which taps into your home wireless network.  The aforementioned was all situated in my living room, which at the time was the the place where it all happened; if it wasn’t happening in there, you were always close enough to hear what was going on.  Move on a few months and I find myself in a new house (part of the reason I have been absent from the weak spot).  This house is a lot bigger, but has a much smaller living room which left me with a dilemma… I couldn’t fit all the Sonos equipment in there.  Also if I did, the room was quite separate to the rest of the house so I wouldn’t get the benefit if I found myself in the west wing.

In the end I decided to go for a full multi room set up.  Not only did the hardware have to change, but a re-learning of the controller had to take place.  I ended up with a Play 3 in the kitchen and one in the family room with the Playbar and sub in the living room.  The Play 3 speakers offer more than enough individually for the two rooms they reside in and the play bar and sub do a good job for both music and TV/film.  The latter maybe a little bass heavy, but this can be overcome with a few tweaks in the equalisation.  The iPad/iPhone/android controller allows for easy grouping or independant playback, but a little lag is present.

Sonos Controller

I almost opted for a couple of Play 1 speakers, the latest in the range but the size of them and the similar performance to the Play 3 speakers put me off.  They were not the evolution I needed to spend another £170 a piece for a re-modelled Play 3.  Talking of evolution, many look at Sonos as a good product/brand but where do they go from here?  I really don’t know; I like what they have done with the technology but does it have longevity?  Adding other music sources doesn’t cut it with me, I hope they continue to innovate but they need to be more bold if they are going to stay ahead of the competition.

Why not let us know about your audio setup, or your experience of Sonos in the comments or at Facebook or Twitter.

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