Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Translations

Last year we translated the loading screen messages from Wolfenstein: The New Order, and one year later with the release of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood we’re doing the same for that.  Each time you load up your game, or reload after dying, you’ll be treated to some propaganda messages from the alternate universe – but what do they mean?  We’ve consulted our trusty friend, Herr Google, and he’s told us what they are (and takes no responsibility for being slightly wrong!).


Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150510085615

Archaologie und Wissenschaft sind der Neubeginn

Archeology and science are the new beginning.

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150505225119

Burg Wolfenstein, ein Symbol unserer Macht!

Castle Wolfenstein – a symbol of our power!

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150505222413

Burg Wolfenstein ist auf unzerstorbarem alten Fels gebaut!

Castle Wolfenstein is built on indestructible ancient rock!

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150506195654

Burg Wolfenstein, starker denn je

Castle Wolfenstein – stronger than ever.

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150505182333

Das Vermachtnis von Konig Otto ist stark

The legacy of King Otto is strong.

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150510083650

Der Schlussel zum Sieg leigt in Konig Ottos Grab

The key to victory lies in King Otto’s grave.

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150505180459

Des Menschen bester Freund, ein Hund aus Fleisch und Stahl

Man’s best friend – a dog of flesh and steel.

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150506200312

Die Wahrheit verbirgt sich in der Vergangenheit!

The truth is hidden in the past!

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150506195505

Unser Eisen wird aus kaltem, dunklem Stein geschmiedet

Our iron is forged from cold, dark stone.

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150505224321

Unsere Zunkunft war noch nie so rosig!

Our future has never been so rosy!

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150511184759

Unser Wille wahrt ewig

Our will preserves forever.

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood_20150511185050

Unsere Zunkuft ist von unserer Vergangenheit bestarkt!

Our future is confirmation of our past. [this is probably too literal a translation]


We’re sure that we’ve missed some during the game, so if you find some more then hit us up in the comments below and we’ll add them here.  Same goes if we’ve not got the nuances of the translations right!

Our review of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood can be found here.

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