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I’ve got high hopes for Wolfenstein: The New Order, mainly because I’ve a lot of respect for the developer saying they were not compromising the game by putting in multiplayer.  It’s practically sacrilege in this day and age that a first person shooter doesn’t allow you to jump online and get trash talked by a 12 year old, but Machine Games have opted away from that route to focus on a more involved gamer experience, and likely truer to the franchise roots too.  The Swedish based developers (formed by the original founders of Starbreeze Studios that brought us the underrated “The Darkness” and “Escape from Butcher Bay” games) have been working on this for the last couple of years, and have hopefully nailed the feeling you get from the trailer below – that it’s utterly futile to fight.

The game continues the alternate history that Wolfenstein started which has the Nazi’s winning World War II and dominating the world.  You play William “B.J.” Blazkowicz who’s mission it is to stop the entire Third Reich, but only once you’ve escape from the asylum you’ve been in for 14 years.  This sense of bleakness and foreboding have been part of the reason, in my opinion, the Half Life and Resistance series have been so impressionable and successful, not just because you can kill things in a pretty game engine.  Wolfenstein: The New Order reminds me of that sense of helplessness mixed with slim hope, and makes me think we’re going to be in for something special for the 9th game in the series, particularly as Bethesda are publishing it (yeah, I’ve conveniently forgotten about Brink).  I’ll go out on a limb with this one and say it’s going to be one of unexpected hits of the year, just like I did with Aliens: Colonial Marines…

Wolfenstein Hungary

Having pulled the release date forward so it doesn’t clash with Watch_Dogs (I’m guessing), Wolfenstein: The New Order is out on the 20th May for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.  Don’t overlook it, it’s not going to be just another FPS, I hope.  And it’s got a U-Boat level in it, you can’t go wrong with a U-Boat level…

Wolfenstein Dog

Wolfenstein Stabby Stabby

Wolfenstein Supersoldaten

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