The Wolfenstein II Spoilercast

We’ve really enjoyed the story and themes tackled in the latest Wolfenstein game: The New Colossus and wanted to discuss them in detail, but it’s definitely not fodder that can go in the review.  It’s a good job we’ve got a podcast then!  And of course, any reason to use our alt history podcast logo.

In this episode of The Codec Moments Podcast, Andy and Matt talk through in great detail the story of Wolfenstein II, so we don’t recommend listening to this if you don’t want spoilers.  They go over:

  • the main characters
  • key plot points
  • that bit where spoiler spoiler spoiler
  • how spoiler spoiler spoiler got spoiler spoiler spoiler and spoiler spoiler spoiler with a spoiler spoiler spoiler
  • how it ends
  • the Freedom Chronicles
  • and is spoiler spoiler spoiler really going to spoiler spoiler spoiler

You can contact us via Twitter or Facebook or email to talk about your Wolfenstein II theories and even share your favourite moments… but don’t spoil it for others.  Until next time.

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