What Train Do You Catch For Brownie Cove?

We met the talented developers behind The Brownie Cove Express at EGX this year and played their nostalgic-spooky-funny-bizarre text adventure Between Stations at the show.  It was clear after talking to the duo that they’ve got an unusual and interesting take on games and how they can make them different, and we couldn’t wait to see what they were on track to deliver next.  Fortunately we’ve not had long to wait and they’ve released some more information today…

Pack your bags and board the Brownie Cove Express, an upcoming, haunted collage adventure game about trains, snow, ghosts and memories.  Both captivating and unnerving Brownie Cove Express delves into the dark mysteries behind the series’ central Brownie Cove Hotel through conversations with passengers aboard the titular train.

We’re intrigued with the premise and how it fits into the universe the Sand Gardeners are creating, and are really interested in how their first full length game will pan out.  They are revealing more at the Sweden Game Conference in Skövde between 17th and 19th October, but for now check out the trailer to see if it grabs your attention as well, if not exactly giving away what the game is about.

All we know currently is that Brownie Cove Express is coming in winter at some point and thematically it needs that for the release – yes, we’re even more befuddled by that statement – but we’re definitely on board.

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