What the hell is Stikbold!?


Ever fancied yourself as White Goodman or Peter La Fleur, showing off your dodgeball skills to the masses and winning a big cash prize competition in Las Vegas?  If you were enamoured by the life portrayed by messrs Stiller and Vaughn in Dodgeball, then Stikbold! is probably for you.  Only probably mind, it is only a videogame after all.


Coming from Danish developers Game Swing, published by Curve Digital and born from the Nordic Game Jam, Stikbold! is a twist on the dodgeball game that has up to six players battling against each other.  If you can’t handle the frantic and crazy courts of multiplayer there’s an epic story mode for you and a friend to embark on.  Bjorn and Jerome are two of the greatest Stikbold! players in the world, and using their skills (along with a healthy bromance), they set out to rescue babes, save the championship and defeat the Devil.

Hippies, whales and skeletons will block the path to victory, alongside huge boss battles and more than 45 dastardly (their words!) challenges; all presented as a tribute to 1970’s feel good sports movies.  Jacob Herold, the co-founder of Game Swing sums it up perfectly:

When we started making Stikbold!, the last thing we thought we would end up with was a quirky 70s inspired dodgeball game, but it just works!  Everyone who plays the game can’t stop smiling and the reception we have had so far has been incredible.  We are really looking forward to getting the game out there and spreading some groovy dodgeball love.


We love abstract, silly yet fun games here at Codec Moments, and Stikbold! is shaping up to be something really enjoyable, and it looks like it’ll feature lots to do (aside from just pure good times):

  • Multiplayer dodgeball mayhem – Battle with up to four human and two computer players for six player local dodgeball deathmatches and fight to be crowned the Stikbold! king or queen.
  • The world is your arena – Take to a variety of different dodgeball pitches, from public parks to deep sea oil rigs, each pitch offers a plethora of different dangers and challenges.
  • Help manipulate match outcomes – Once knocked out, come back as variety of hazards, including angry Swans, Sand Sharks and more, to interrupt the match and affect the outcome.
  • Funky fresh tunes – Fully licensed 70s inspired soundtrack to help you get into the disco party mood.
  • Crazy and colourful cast – Unlock and play as 18 of the grooviest playable characters from the Stikbold! universe.

Stikbold! releases this spring on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.


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  1. Matthew Holloway March 17, 2016 6:33 pm  Reply

    Looks like great fun!

  2. solm67 April 27, 2016 12:51 pm  Reply

    Looks like a great laugh. Another fabulous game to buy no, I must resist.

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