Welcome to Carcast ’17!

It’s taken a while, but we actually got round to recording a new Codec Call… mainly because we were stuck in a traffic jam coming back from EGX 2017, and when you’ve a couple of hours stuck in a small metal box with nothing but your impressions of the show you’ve just spent 8 hours walking around, it’s pretty much the only sensible thing to do.  Having immersed ourselves in UK gaming culture for the day and satiated our desire for some new games to muck around in, it’s time to let you know what we made of it all.

In this long awaited episode we talk all about:

  • Far Cry 5
  • GT Sport
  • Missing our junctions on the M42 and driving miles the wrong way
  • Strange Brigade
  • Stuart getting beaten by Keeley:

  • Project CARS 2
  • Blocked motorway lanes
  • The noise of passing traffic
  • Andy’s terrible racing skills… karma after last year’s gloating
  • Wolfenstein II interview
  • eSports
  • Is this the last Codec Call?
  • Our total failure to spot the VR section until the end of the day
  • and a quiz!

If you like what you hear about EGX 2017 on this Codec Call, let us know on Twitter or Facebook – we love your feedback, and check out our other EGX 2017 coverage.

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