Episode V – WATCH_DOGS

The Codec Call June 2014 WATCH_DOGS

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Half the Codec Moments team get together to discuss their initial thoughts on the open-world, hack and crash game from Ubisoft, WATCH_DOGS.  In the podcast we discuss:

  • Aiden Pearce
  • Gameplay styles
  • Hacking
  • Driving (or plowing through pedestrians screaming “I’m so sorry, it can’t be avoided!”)
  • Side quests
  • Water cooler moments

If you want to wade in on our WATCH_DOGS discussion, if we missed something you think is particularly cool, or got a few things wrong in our excitement, then you can hit us up on Twitter (@ClinicalAndy, @CevynScott and @SyphiloidMonkey), Facebook and Google+, or rant at us in the comments below!

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