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I’ve been craving a strategy game for a while now but I also wanted something that could be quick so I could fit in with normal daily tasks of work, life, parenting, etc.  I saw this on steam and was instantly drawn to it.  This was due to the art style as I like it and the premise of the game itself.  Warpips is a game of tug of war with a personal army you have built up.  You start with a set base, as does the enemy, and your units attack them head on, but you will also be attacked the same way.  The strategy comes into play due to the mechanics of the game itself.

You will earn money automatically at regular intervals and this is used to buy your units.  They spawn instantly and head to the enemy base.  The enemy also does the same to you so you’re always on the go.  Each time your unit kills an enemy unit, they earn XP.  This gives you a token which you can use to upgrade your units rank, giving them a stat boost.  Alternatively, you can choose to increase your unit capacity, or if you’re needing cash, use the token for instant money to buy some more units.

The other key part of Warpips is managing the units you take.  The game operates from a world map, the aim being to take over the map and move onto the next.  Now each section of the map will tell you the units you will face and the rewards you get (the rewards will be more unit types).  There is balance to be made and you need to be sure on your strategy, as any enemy units you take into the map are gone afterwards.  This, however is where the game is a bit unfair I feel, as the balancing isn’t all that well balanced.  The rewards really need some work as more often than not, you will only get a basic unit as a reward.  The game is also quite punishing, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as the rewards need improvement it can feel at times you’re fighting a losing battle.

As this is in early access though, I suspect a lot of this will change and it certainly felt improved in the latest patch.  What Warpips has nailed already though is the fun factor – after all, that’s what we want from games.  We have a good upgrade system in which you use money to buy permanent upgrades, e.g. unit armour increases.   At times, the rewards from a map will also include money.  Well I say money – your money is essentially what looks like a ram block.  We also have an arms dealer where you can buy extra units to aid in your tug of war, amongst other items.

Considering this is an early access title, it feels like it won’t be too far from a full release.  So far, you can only face enemy AI, but I’d like to see multiplayer combat.  I have quite a few friends who would enjoy this so it would be nice to have a game against them. or perhaps even a co-op mode down the line.  If you wanted to see some of this live (as it were), feel free to check out some game play from my YouTube channel.  It covers the tutorial and a few missions after.

I have enjoyed the time I have spent on it so far and can’t wait to see how it shapes up going forward.  If you’re after a quick fun action orientated strategy game, then I can recommend this already!

A Steam preview code was provided by Skirmish Mode Games, and we’re hoping that Warpips is out of early access very soon.

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