Uncaging the Faraday Protocol

faraday protocol

We don’t know how, but first person puzzle adventure Faraday Protocol managed to completely slip under our radar.  Given it’s the story of an interstellar archaeologist exploring the abandoned space station OPIS that’s still inhabited by its lonely AI, IRIS, we’d have thought it would be near the top of our must play lists.  Historically we’ve had a lot of fun with this genre, and with the likes of Deliver Us The Moon and Relicta in recent memory we know how strong story driven FPS puzzle games can be.

It sounds like Faraday Protocol’s key defining feature is the puzzle mechanics revolving around the Bia-Tool which acts as an energy manipulator/transformer, and feels fresh enough that the solutions shouldn’t be ones that feel like a re-tread.  Structurally it fits the bill too with constant progression and layering on new ways of tackling a conundrum, and we’re hoping that it manages the balance between guidance and handholding well enough so that the sense of achievement at getting past something particularly taxing is there.  What’s popping up a a plus point is the way the devs promise Escape Room-type… err… rooms.  We’ve seen this done with great success in VR titles, and translating to “flat” gaming should be interesting.

With an intriguing retrofuturism aesthetic and strong vibes that there’s a true mystery to uncover, we can’t wait to play through Faraday Protocol in its entirety, and we’ll be bringing you a review as soon as possible.  If you’re sold from the screens and the above trailer then you pick it up now on PC, PS and Xbox for around £20 depending on platform.

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