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Recently we all got hands on with the Battlefront II beta demo, getting the chance to sample the delights of the game that’s building above and beyond the 2015 incarnation.  It’s slick, fast paced, and faithful to the source material like no other film to game conversion we’ve had to date.  Is that enough though to sell Matt and Andy on picking the new version up?

In this Codec Moments Podcast, they talk about:

  • the different game modes on offer
  • how often they were killed
  • the lack of team coherence in the early stages
  • what Battlefront II does differently
  • loot crates
  • actually winning a game
  • how Darth Maul plays
  • and the terribly simple flying controls

As usual, if you want to let us know your experience in the Battlefront II beta demo, drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook, or even snag that link on the right of the screen and leave us a voicemail that we’ll drop into a future podcast.  We’re also hosting this on YouTube with video taken during our playtime, and our mugs as we were recording if you think you actually want to see those!

Star Wars: Battlefront II is release by Dice and EA on the 17th November, and pre-order now if you want to get early access on the 14th November.

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