They’re Creepy and they’re Kooky

It’s the 31st October 2017 so that means it’s Halloween, and we are obligated under all rules of recording and publishing to put out an appropriately themed episode.  That doesn’t mean we have to churn out the same piece of content each year though, no.  We definitely wouldn’t do that ;-)… but we would hit you with bad puns galore in the first couple of minutes.  You have been warned.

In this special instalment of the Codec Moments Podcast, Andy and Matt talk about:

  • their favourite spooky and creepy games
  • that Andy’s a wuss when it comes to horror titles
  • the demise of Visceral Games
  • what we’ll be streaming on Halloween… hint, Andy will crap himself (again)
  • and a seasonally appropriate quiz.

As usual, if you have anything to say about what you’ve heard – or you just want to berate us for leaving Silent Hill out of the favourites list – hit us up on Twitter or Facebook so we know what you think.

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