They Live: Assault on Cable 54 Kickstarter

In a very special episode of the Codec Moments Podcast, the team talk to Andrew Aitcheson, one of the co-creators of They Live: Assault on Cable 54 – a table top game that’s currently being funded on Kickstarter.  As part of Iconiq Studios, Andrew talks us through where the inspiration came from, what the main challenges have been getting it up and running, and what the crowd funding process is like.

Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast to find out:

  • Why They Live is so great
  • What working with Studio Canal is like
  • How the game works
  • Where the attraction to Assault on Cable 54 came from
  • What some of the stretch goals are
  • Where the community have helped shape the game
  • How the glasses for seeing hidden messages were developed
  • and the amount of time it’s taken to get to this stage.

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