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Terminator Resistance

In the crowded release season it’s easy to overlook some of the titles that don’t have the budgets of the big boys to advertise their hard work.  Terminator: Resistance, despite Dark Fate releasing a few weeks before, is likely to fall into that category and it’s a shame because it’s looking promising.  Set 30 years after Judgement Day it puts you in the shoes of Jacob Rivers to fight in the Future War for the freedom of all mankind.  There’s a blend of stealth and FPS action that puts me a little in mind of the Metro series with its focus on the single player experience.  Check out some select highlights (spoiler free) of the opening gameplay to see what I mean.

There’s clearly a crafting system in place and what looks like dialogue options that lead to side quests, or at least alternate options for the missions you’re in.  Reef Entertainment are aiming to build a coherent world that fits in the Terminator universe, yet still maintains the ability to craft your own type of hero through decisions in game and via the levelling system.  There’s also the promise of different outcomes depending on the choices you make, really reinforcing the continuous movie message of “there is no fate but what you make”.  The films might not always hit the spot, but that doesn’t mean that the game isn’t going to deliver something a bit different – and we’d settle for an experience that doesn’t squander the license.

Terminator: Resistance is out on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 15th November, and you can find out more here.

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