The Zombies Are Coming… Again!

We’re big fans of Rebellion’s work on the Zombie Army games, and so with absolutely no surprise we’re shambling at pace toward the next instalment of the co-op shooter franchise – Zombie Army 4: Dead War.  Set in an alternate WWII timeline where Hitler has raised legions of the undead to carry out his occult fuelled plans, it’s up to you and 3 others to stalk the ruins of Europe and dispose of the rotting corpses.  Using the mechanics of the Sniper Elite series to shoot, explode and melee the walkers, it’s a level based action adventure game that manages to be surprisingly tense with the hordes coming thick and fast and only just giving you enough time to draw breath, let alone aim.  Just take a look at what the latest game has in store.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is bringing a couple of new toys to the table that we haven’t seen in the previous SE titles, or the spin off Strange Brigade, and they look like fun… if a little gross.  It looks like we can expect hideous new enemies, expansive new levels, infected machinery and even zombie sharks!  At least the weaponry has kept up with the undead evolution and there are now special abilities to help keep your team alive, and taking a leaf out of DOOM’s book, executions that restore health.  Of course, there’s the killcam making a return that demands you play with a sick bag by your side, and with a far more in-depth levelling and perk system, it feels like we’ll be spending even more time reaching for it.

The campaign seems like it will keep us busy for a while, and with the horde mode making a return, there are limitless hours of squishing, smashing and running away to be done in Zombie Army 4: Dead War.  Count us in when it releases on the 4th February 2020 across PC (on the Epic store), Xbox One and PS4.  There are pre-order bonuses available, and for more info head to

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