The Logitech G923 Show and Other Stuff

It’s been at least 6 months since we last did a gaming roundup, so it seemed a sensible time to get talking – we all must have played something, right?  Turns out it was mostly the same games and even with Andy on board there’s still a heavy racing slant.  Ali gets to talk about the Logitech G923, Matt wonders about the sanity of Project CARS 3, and Andy tells us how he’s training to be the next Eddie Irvine (it’s the most recent F1 driver he can remember).  Vehophobes don’t worry, we do get onto non driving games after about 30 mins, so feel free to skip forward past the bits that might be causing you palpitations.  If you want to join our F1 2020 league on PS4 then just head to the multiplayer and use this code CM#_M6BBNY.

In this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast you can hear:

  • If Andy is planning on buying a steering wheel
  • Ali’s impressions of the TrueForce feedback on the Logitech G923
  • What has changed since last years WRC game
  • The timestamps from the recording so you can work out exactly how much has been cut (clue – it’s a lot!)
  • Whether Flight Simulator 2020 has enough content
  • If Peaky Blinders involves time travel
  • Total silence about next gen consoles and our thoughts on them
  • and more!

Why not join our Discord channels to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live recordings (and join in) – click here.  If you think that Discord is going to turn you into a Logitech G923 buying petrolhead, then why not check us out on TwitterFacebook or contact us via email.  The Codec Moments Podcast will return soon.

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