The Elder Gods Are In Control

It might be 1st April, but this is no joke… the Sinking City dev team have come up with a Chrome plugin that will brighten up your day by replacing all politicians in news articles with those of Lovecraft Elder Gods.  It’s oddly apt in this chaotic and frankly bizarre time we seem to be living in, and some of the headlines end up being pretty believable too.  Hit the link below if you fancy switching up your news feed for a while.

Click here for the plugin

Of course, the real reason they’ve done this is as a PR stunt to highlight that we’re now only 3 short months away from the release of The Sinking City on PC, Xbox One and PS4, and the detective horror game from Frogwares is looking rather nice.  Why not immerse yourself in a bit of the lore of the world before getting stuck into the game?  It’s due for release on the 27th June and promises a story-rich free investigation game in a dank and eerie depiction of a Massachusetts town, and we can’t wait to find out what the finished game is like.

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