Strange Brigade Coming Soon

The team behind the Sniper Elite series and the Zombie Army Trilogy has another blockbuster in its sights.  The guys and girls at Rebellion have come up with Strange Brigade.

It will be set in the 1930s and, from the trailer they have just released, it looks like Indiana Jones meets Left 4 Dead.  You have to shoot all over the world finding fantastic and forgotten civilisations which are shrouded in mystery.  But, if you know Rebellion’s work then you also know nothing can be that simple.  While you are uncovering ancient tombs and treasures you also have to face up to an army of mythological menaces which have been unleashed by an Egyptian witch queen who is out to stop your team at all costs.  Expect full-on hardcore action.

You’ll delve into the ancient world as one of four explorers.  Each one has their own weapons, tactics and special superhuman powers.  And, if Rebellion stays true to form, it’s safe to say sniping will feature heavily and it will be a pretty decent standard.  The reveal trailer does not give much away but it does indicate that this will be a lot of fun and should make an appearance on your most wanted list.  This is classic Boys Own adventure stuff.  There promises to be a good co-op side to it — so warn your friends that there could be some late nights.

Strange Brigade is slated to release “soon” for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.  And Rebellion will showcase the game next week at E3 so expect a full run down on the game from us very soon.

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