September 17’s Codec Momentum Round Up

Did you take part in the last month’s Codec Momentum?  Have a listen to see if you got a shout out about your achievements.  Even if you didn’t join in the backlog clearing incentive scheme we run, have a listen anyway… it might help you decide to finish one of the games lurking on your pile of shame.

In this, the inaugural Codec Moments Podcast, Matt and Andy run down:

  • Why they ditched The Codec Call
  • Who completed their September Codec Momentum’s
  • Who won the prize (let’s hear it, WWWOOOOOOOO!!)
  • What they’re both pledging for October
  • How the leaderboard is shaping up

If you like what you hear then send us feedback on Facebook or Twitter so we can keep doing more of it.  If you don’t like it, then tell us as well, our egos can take some criticism – but we don’t promise to do anything about it if it makes us cry.

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