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What’s the one thing you realised you weren’t getting with the upcoming Saints Row IV Re-elected and Gat Out Of Hell games that you really wanted?  That’s right, a Ouija board – or as it’s properly known in the Steelport universe – Wee-Ja.  Exclusive to GAME in the UK when you pre-order Gat Out Of Hell, the Wee-Ja board comes with all the gubbins you need to contact the other side and answer those all those big questions you have like “What will this Saturday’s lottery numbers be?”, “Can we bring peace to the world?”, and “How can the Prof and Brian be in Sheffield and Kansas at the same time?”.


That’s not all though.  Between the game’s release on 23rd January and the 2nd March, gamers can send photos of themselves playing with the Wee-Ja board to Deep Silver and be in with a chance of winning a night of ghost hunting with the UK’s foremost shyster spirit medium, Derek Acorah.  The prize is in conjunction with Haunted Events UK, and Derek says:

I’m excited to be giving four Saints Row fans a window into the spirit world, I’ll be leading them through one of the most fascinating and haunted locations in the UK, where they’ll have the chance to witness strange and unexplained phenomena in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Alongside the Wee-Ja board, you’ll also get the Plague of Frogs DLC pack that will allow you to visit large scale death on Zinyak’s army in the virtual Steelport of Saints Row IV using your Lil’ Croaker, as well as getting hold of some new outfits.  It doesn’t get more unique than that, does it?  Whilst we’ve already reviewed the original release of Saints Row IV, we’re actually quite looking forward to getting the chance to revisit the zany world and play with all the new toys it’s going to offer.  If you get the Wee-Ja board, remember to take some pics and send them to for your chance to meet Derek and spend a night with 3 friends looking out for spirits of the non-alcoholic kind.

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