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Delayed since last November, Project CARS is set for release in March and the latest trailer from Slightly Mad Studios gives us sight of some of the titular vehicles we’re going to be driving.  This pure bred community focussed racing game from the team that brought us the Need for Speed: Shift series is looking pretty fantastic from what we’ve seen so far; and given the pedigree, is probably going to be an awesome simulation experience.  Offering a huge variety of disciplines, tracks, vehicles and modes, the game aims to compete with the likes of Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo and nail the community aspect that isn’t quite fully realised in others in the genre.

What’s interesting about Project CARS is that it’s been self-funded by Slightly Mad through selling shares in the game in the form of “tool packs” and “perks” that gave unprecedented access to the developers during the process, as well as the option of real life and in-game rewards.  They managed to raise €3.75 million from 80,000 members, and all that love and devotion has gone into crafting one of the best looking racers we’ve seen in some time (and yes, I think it is looking better than the ever improving DriveClub).

There are a tonne of features that aren’t in the current gen racing games we can already get our hands on, one of which could end up being a real show stealer – the option to use custom second screen apps.  The APIs were released into the wild some time ago and the clever community bods have produced some brilliant uses of the info pulled from in the game.  You’ll also find plenty of tech support in the form of 12k resolutions (I’ve not even got to 4k yet!), as well as Project Morpheus, Occulus Rift and nVidia Shield compatibility.  It’s promising to be more than just a quick lap round the track, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Project CARS is being published by Bandai Namco and will be released in the US on the 17th March, and in the EU on the 20th March, on PS4, Xbox One and PC with Wii U and Mac versions following later in the year.


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