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Project CARS might have been delayed by a couple of weeks until the 2nd April (which means we’ll get the whole of the Easter holiday weekend to play it), but it doesn’t mean that promotion for the hotly anticipated racer is stopping.  The Slightly Mad team this week have thrown out the first in a series of videos voiced by the games creative director to give us some great insights to what’s coming up.


Career mode sounds like the main point of call for most gamers, and the structure is built around the player rather than forcing you down a specified route.  We’re liking the idea that you don’t have to begin in a Yaris pootling round overly long tracks, you can jump straight into the fast, high profile rides immediately.  Everything looks to be customisable so that you play as you want to, and it doesn’t matter if you’re new to racing games or have conquered Gran Turismo.

There are more videos to follow in this series and we’ll add them all here.  We’ve covered some aspects of the game so far, from the different tracks to the cars we know are starring – and we’re hoping to get some hands on time soon with the PS4 build.

Project CARS is releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the 2nd April 2015, and at a later date on the Wii U.

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