Project CARS 2 Joypad Settings

Loving the details built into the Project CARS 2 racing but getting frustrated with the controller not feeling connected to the car?  If like me you’ve been finding it hard to keep your Go Kart in a straight line, or guide your Porsche through a chicane, and you’ve exhausted the car tuning options the engineer offers up, then maybe you need to head into the controller setup options.  There’s a wealth of tweaking to be done to tailor to you, though it’s not always clear what’s the best change to make, so you’ll need to keep tinkering to get it right.  Where do you start though, given that the defaults seem to be a little unfriendly?

After a good hour of trying different vehicles, disciplines and tracks I’ve found a decent base that gets somewhere close to a typical “out of the box” racing game controller feel.  Head into the options menu, pick controls and check out the configuration tab, it’s here that you’ll be able to fully change how it all reacts to your touch.  The deadzones and sensitivities are the key to how comfortable you’ll be with a pad – after that it’s a matter of changing the settings to suit your individual style.  A higher deadzone will mean more movement in the button or stick before it reacts, but can mean over-application of throttle or brake when you do reach that register point, so keep that in mind when changing them around.  Sensitivity states that using a value of 50 will map the movement exactly of the in car wheel and pedals to the sticks and buttons, lowering this will reduce how quickly they react and reduce the oversteer, wheel spin and lockups you might be getting on the defaults.

Note: test the settings out in a private session under the quick race menu.  If you need to change anything you can during the session, but it’s hit and miss on whether it saves them when you exit or not, so you’re best heading back to the core settings and adjusting there, then going back and doing a few more laps to make sure they’re right.

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