PrE3dictions 2019

For the second year in a row, the Codec Moments team have recorded an E3 episode that hasn’t languished in editing hell until September!  Andy, Matt, Ali and Stu discuss their E3 predictions.  Some are outlandish, some sound like they have been researched and some have already been announced in the week since the recording took place.  The last sentence was lifted directly from the 2018 episode and still holds true today.

In this podcast:

  • We talk about the studios and publishers attending E3 and what we might see presented
  • Andy recycles the same notes on Splinter Cell he’s been using for 5 years
  • Matt gets pipped to the post on the new Crystal Dynamics Avengers game
  • We discuss Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and have a lot of our speculation confounded by a reveal the day after we recorded

If you want to join our Discord channels and listen to live recordings (and join in), then click here.  If you think that Discord is the work of the Wookie Hole Witch, then why not check us out on TwitterFacebook or contact us via email.  Join us in a couple of weeks to see if their E3 predictions were on the money or way out of the park.

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