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old skies

We’re no stranger to point and click adventures at Codec Moments, so when given a chance to play Dave Gilbert’s Old Skies demo before it was made publicly available as part of Steam Next Fest, we leapt at it.  Gilbert’s latest game adds a time travel twist to a genre he does very well, setting Old Skies’ seven cases in different New York time periods within the universe established in his Unavowed and Blackwell games.  You play as Time Agent Fia Quinn working for ChronoZen (something akin to a high end tour operator, specialising in sightseeing trips to the past), whose responsibility it is to babysit the rich time tourists that are either curious or nostalgic for the past, or who have unfinished business.

The demo covers the game’s first investigation, set in 2024, where a world renowned medical researcher wants to take a trip to a diner that he used to frequent as a struggling student.  Needless to say, things don’t go according to plans and Fia has to protect the timeline using all of the resources available to her.  These include accessing her futuristic multi-tool, making a call to her handler Nozzo for information and advice, and searching a future database filled with information about people, events and items of the past.

Aesthetically, the game uses beautifully detailed hand painted backgrounds for scenes, meaning that different areas are recognisable and consistent with whichever time period they represent, and Thomas Regin returns from the Unavowed and Blackwell series to provide an atmospheric score.  The story is fun and well voice acted, with good rapport between the main characters.  The time travel elements add an interesting additional dimension to progress and puzzle solving, but sadly the puzzles aren’t too complex in this demo (no goat puzzles here); and Fia’s choices don’t seem to make much difference to the outcome of events when we replayed them.  Here’s hoping for a bit more complexity and depth in the full game.

Old Skies promises puzzles that will require temporal thinking to solve, across seven eras of history, from the speakeasies of Prohibition, to the gangs of the Gilded Age, to the morning of September 11th.  The demo is available now on Steam and is PC, Mac and Linux compatible.

Early access was provided by the Wadget Eye Games PR team and there is no scheduled date for the game’s full release at this time.

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