And We’re Off! – Codec Momentum Update Jan ’18

That was quick!  Already the first month of 2018 is gone and with it the first lot of Codec Momentum’s completed.

In what was probably the busiest month for pledging to clear backlogged games yet, Matt and Andy talk about:

  • How many times they’ve had to record this podcast
  • Who took part out of the 55 entries in January
  • The winner of this month’s prize
  • Quarterly special prizes
  • The fact that this isn’t the first time they’ve recorded this
  • What the overall standings currently are
  • Andy’s choice of prize picking headwear
  • Progress on the year end trophies… spoiler, the weather’s causing problems
  • How you can enter and what the main rules are
  • Did we mention this isn’t the first time they’ve recorded this podcast?

If you want to take part in the monthly competition then follow this link and let us know which games you’re going to complete.  Remember you need to send us evidence of the completion once you’re done.  Check out the leaderboard if you want in with a shout of winning 2018’s meta-competition.  If you have an idea on what we can give away the quarterly prizes for contact us via Twitter or Facebook or email.  Until next time…

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