No Man… Why?


The new Codec Momentum points system and league table have been a success, but we’re on the fence as to whether you can say the same about No Man’s Sky.  In this, the 25th episode of the Codec Call podcast, Matt, Andy and Graham talk about this and much more!

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In this episode we discuss:

  • What games we’ve been playing
  • Metal Gear Survive announcement
  • PS4 Slim leaked
  • Battlefield 1 open beta
  • No Man’s Sky (or No Man, Why? if you’ve not got the pun yet…)
  • Inconceivably large number ‘Play Your Cards Right’ is the Codec Call Quiz!
  • Listener questions
  • Oh, and Codec Momentum

As usual, if you’ve got comments, questions or things you want us to discuss, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or through; we’re waiting to hear from you!  If you’ve Got Momentum, and have had it all year, we’ll be in touch to send you your personalised avatars and banners very soon.

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