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Think back to one of your favorite games of the last generation.  It didn’t take you long.  You already have it in your mind and you are remembering all of the fun you had with it.  Going back and constantly replaying the game over and over satisfies your cravings for a time, but there comes a point for everyone where they must just move on.  The thought then arises, what if they made another game in the same universe?  That would be amazing!  This article is simply about my own, personal most wanted games that I wish existed.  So without further ado, here are my top five in order from least to most anticipated!


5. Jedi Knight III

jedi Knigh 2

My first experience with the Jedi Knight franchise came in the mid-2000’s.  I went to have a sleep over at a friend’s house.  After a bunch of popcorn and a little viewing of Mutiny on the Bounty, we decided it was time to play some games.  My friend booted up Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast on his PC and showed me the basics.  He then retired to the N64 and proceeded to play Conker’s Bad Fur Day.  Needless to say both games quickly became favorites of mine, both of which I will still play to this day.  Jedi Knight on the other hand was really intriguing.  I was not raised with games being present in my household and it was a hobby I picked up as an older child.  When I had a chance to play games I took full advantage and explored them to their fullest.  Although unorthodox, my friend set me up with the magic power of the Tilde button which enabled the console commands.  I found some codes which allowed realistic saber combat which would dismember limbs, something the main game did not have.  I found it rather entertaining to spawn 20 Luke’s in a room and take them all on at once.  I loved that game and would love to see another in the series.  Sadly that will probably never happen.  With the 2013 acquisition of Star Wars by Disney, developer Raven released the games’ source code to the world.  Maybe Jedi Knight II will only live on through community enhancements, but I can always hold out hope for an official sequel.


4. Read Dead Resurrection


No, that is not the official name.  Having never played to completion Read Dead Revolver , it was still a fun game that was salvaged by Rockstar Games.  Years later they released the sequel Read Dead Redemption to much acclaim.  Being hailed as a western take on GTA, RDR was praised for its beautiful, large world, emotional story and wonderful gameplay.  Rockstar Games knows what they have with this franchise and I am confident that there will be a sequel.  Sticking with the past theme in mind, I think it should be called Red Dead Resurrection.  Will that ever happen?  Time will only tell, but remember Rockstar, I want partial credit for the name!


3. Just Cause 3

JC2 plane

It has been all but completely announced, but developer Avalanche Studios has hinted of this games’ existence for quite some time.  JC2 was an excellent open world third person shooter that could brag of its giant world.  Players could hop in a military jet and fly from one end of the map to other in around 8 minutes in real world time.  This entire map was available for you to drive, walk, fly, or grapple around at your leisure and was filled with destructive structures waiting for you to explode them.  The combination of a huge world, destruction and maneuverability made this game one to be remembered for years to come.  While the next entry in the franchise could be announced as early as this E3, I will be happy knowing that JC2 is available to play on my PS3 at any time!


2. Grand Theft Auto HD Collection

GTA Collection

Don’t tell me your haven’t thought of this: GTA III,  Vice City and  San Andreas all redone like every other HD rerelease out there.  It would not take much for Rockstar or its publisher Take-Two to give these wonderful classics the HD treatment that so many other games have been given recently.  God knows how many units they would sell of a console collection in HD with trophy and achievement support!  Why hasn’t this happened yet?  Most HD collections have released prior to a current gen sequel that is in the works to help build an audience before the new game releases.  Clearly Rockstar missed their mark since GTA V release late last year, but there is still hope.  All three games have been enhanced for release on Android and iOS devices recently.  Rockstar has shown they have interest to renew the titles for new players, but for some reason have shied away from an HD release.  While this boggles my mind I can only pray that we as a community can get through to then.  Rockstar has acknowledged my request through their Mouth Off email channel and replied the following:

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the email and the suggestion. We’ll take your thoughts about HD versions into consideration, and appreciate you for taking the time to write us.


Rockstar Games

That was back in March of 2013 and we still have no hinting that this will ever happen.  Anyone else with me on this campaign?  Send Rockstar an email and let them know what you want!


1. Fallout 4

Fallout 3

Here we are in 2014, nearly six years after Fallout 3 was released to the world.  Thankfully developer Obsidian was able to get the rights to release a follow-up, Fallout: New Vegas a couple of years later in the fall of 2010.  Both games I have played to completion more than once, and having attained the platinum trophy in both games I can confidently say that the series is one so excellent, and so ripe with potential, that there is little doubt in my mind we will see a new game soon.  Fallout 3 alone I purchased so many times that I lose count.  I 100% finished the game and all DLC on the PC, Xbox and PS3, and would eagerly do it again if it launched on another platform.  Fallout 3 is my favorite game of all time and while the feelings I get while returning to the Capital Wasteland may not be recreate-able, I will jump at any chance I get to play another game in the series.  Developer Bethesda really has something special in their possession and they need to continue the series.  I haven’t told many people, but I had a dream late last year.  I was taken to Bethesda Studios and got to sit down with Pete Hines, the gentleman in charge of Public relations.  I asked him about Fallout.  He told me to go to his desk.  I looked down and saw a sticky note.  On it read: Fallout 4 – 03/05/15.  Although that is one of the most memorable and realistic dreams I ever had, I am not claiming to know the future.  I just think my brain wants it to be so badly that it created something to tide me over.  No one really knows but Bethesda, so we shall see.


Well folks, that about sums up my most wanted games.  While honorable mentions include another Bully and Darksiders, I feel I left you with a good sense of what I would like to see.  What are your most wanted games?  Please tell me in the comments below!

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