Mega Momentum!

Regular listeners will already know that we’ve recorded each of the monthly #CodecMomentum updates over the last few months, but just haven’t got them edited and released (we’re rubbish, we know).  Well wait no longer gaming fans!  Here comes the biggest, longest Codec Momentum update in the history of our podcast.  We’re bringing you all the action from the last 4 rounds of the 2018 championship in… Mega Momentum!

In this extra special Mega Momentum round up of the 2018 community competition you won’t find out what’s going on with 2017’s trophies, but you will learn:

  • What happened in May and who won the monthly prize,
  • The Q2 medal winners and why they deserve the extra momentum,
  • Whether we’ve had any team member cosplay,
  • Some stats… but not enough to make it boring,
  • Movers and shakers in July,
  • Who our intrepid reporter is,
  • August’s latest info and the battles throughout the leaderboard,
  • Why we’ll be more careful in future over our “concept” episodes.

If you enjoyed Mega Momentum and want to join our Discord channels to talk games (and other stuff) and listen to live recordings (and join in), then click here.  If you think that Discord is hazardous to your health, then why not check us out on TwitterFacebook or contact us via email.  The Codec Moments Podcast will return with loads of content from EGX 2018.

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