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Wondering what Life Is Strange is all about?  It’s not been getting huge attention over the last few weeks, but given it’s coming out on the 30th January, and promises something different in its gameplay, it’s definitely worth you checking out.

It’s from DONTNOD Entertainment, the team behind the underrated Remember Me, Life Is Strange is an episodic adventure about a teenage girl called Max and her quest to understand her premonitions and powers that let her rewind time to change the outcome of events.  Is it just Back To The Future meets Prince of Persia?  Definitely not.  From the pieces we’ve seen and read about it’s looking to be an experience we’ve not had before, and that’s what’s exciting about games – finding something new and different.  The fact that it’s not suffering from hype overload is a really good sign at this stage too.

Using a mix of exploration and puzzle solving alongside the familiar Walking Dead game narrative story telling, I’m glad to see the devs taking the most unique element of memory remixing from Remember Me and expanding it to a core game mechanic – it was highly publicised for that game, worked well, and just didn’t feature enough.  Making changes to the timeline will impact the consequences and ending, and promises each player a unique story depending on what they choose at which time; much like how Heavy Rain was intended as a single playthrough so the gamer saw something tailored directly to them.  To get an idea of how it’ll fit into this game, check out the second dev diary below.

The third developer diary covers the sights and sounds of Arcadia Bay, and introduces you to the soundtrack and voice actors.  There’s a link to the whole soundtrack from Spotify, but recommended if you don’t mind the potential for spoilers given that it’ll reveal some of the tracks coming in later episodes.

As one final video for this piece (because we just can’t get enough of them on the page), there’s the official launch trailer too and should be the final prompt to give this unique looking adventure a shot.  Life Is Strange is being published by Square Enix and is coming to PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 from the 30th January 2015, and can be bought as individual episodes or via season pass for all five.

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