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It’s been a little while to wait, but the second episode of Life Is Strange is about to be released.  Following on from Chrysalis, Out Of Time will have you and Max exploring the areas outside Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay.  This continuation of the story promises the introduction of new characters that will play parts later on, as well as starting to see the impacts of the choices you’d made in the first episode.  It’s sounding like now the introduction to the protagonist and game mechanics are out of the way, the experience can begin properly.

Life Is Strange: Out Of Time will be released on console and PC this week (24th or 25th March, whenever your respective store updates); and can be bought as individual parts or as a season bundle for £15.99.  If you’re not sold on this yet, but intrigued by the time shifting and character based story telling, there’s a free trial available for you to sample its wares.  We’re expecting the episodes to be released at 6 week intervals, but that’s really going to be depend on progress with the devs – though it’s all looking great so far!

You can catch up with the developer diaries here, and get more background info on what Dontnod are trying to deliver with this game.

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