Let’s Talk… Too Many Games!

too many games

This weekend, whilst I was stuffing my face with Easter eggs and lovely roast beef dinner, I sat down looking at my steam library whilst purchasing yet another game thinking, do I have too many games?  It’s becoming so easy to stack up game after game.  This could be due to a Steam sale, along with many other sales on other platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Origin, Uplay to just name a few!  We then have all games that given away, in particular by Epic or GOG who recently just given away the original XIII.  That’s before we even factor in services such as Game Pass, which feeds us games just like Netflix feeds us original shows every month.  I have many games untouched, and I have a quite a few started but not finished.  Now logically it would make sense to not buy another one, however I don’t tend to follow that logic.

If I see a game in a sale that somewhat catches my interest, I’ll buy it.  I may not start it for many months, which makes me think are we at the stage where we have too many games and releases are too close together?  On the other hand, there are games I will play at launch and finish as they have me hyped.  I remember getting Resident Evil 7 at launch and loved it!  Due to this, I have the upcoming Resident Evil: VIllage on pre-order which will get played over the weekend it comes.  Yet I have a game sealed in my cupboard right now which is Assassins Creed Valhalla.  I know I won’t even start that by the time RE8 comes as I’m currently playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake – thus leading me back to my thought of too many games!  We also have the upcoming remasters of the Mass Effect Trilogy in May.  Whilst I played these when they came out originally (multiple times I may add), I will repeat the same as they will have some extra shine.  This is despite us having many new games on the horizon and many in my library I’m yet to play.

This is why I ponder the question – do I have too many games?  In part, it’s also because of the early access via Steam.  It’s become its own culture to buy games before they’re fully finished.  That market alone has hundreds of games in itself.  The popular one currently is Valheim.  I personally haven’t played it however its early access and its been very well received; it, however, isn’t finished.  We’re now at the stage of having many options, including buying incomplete games.  I look at my many library’s like a man with too much choice and very little time, wondering what to even start or play at times, this usually means I end up playing an old title or whatever my current multiplayer shooter is, in this case its still Apex Legends as I wrote about it recently.  That being said, after this article goes up I’ll have most likely ordered another game in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart… maybe I have a problem.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Matt Holloway April 5, 2021 12:41 pm  Reply

    You are not alone. I remember when I was a wee lad, and I actually had time to not only complete an RPG, but also months of anticipation before the next one came out. Now, I buy them, but struggle to find time to play them in my busy adult life, full of responsibilities.

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