Let’s Talk… Alien Isolation

For me, this is a game that is vastly under appreciated, and perhaps one of the best Alien games we have ever had!  It’s highly likely we will never see a sequel to it either.  There have been many games in the Aliens franchise, with highs and lows along the way, going from a high of Aliens Vs Predator, to the flop that is Aliens Colonial Marines, and the unknown we’ll get from Aliens: Fireteam.  I don’t feel that anything has matched the franchise style as well as Alien Isolation.  Whilst being a bloody great game, there was so much love put into this and it took the art design and level design aspects straight from the very first Alien.  You’re on a station named Sevastopol, playing as Ripley’s daughter – Amanda – and, of course, a Xenomorph has got loose and is hunting you and everyone left on board.  One thing that this game did better than most is create what has to be the best Alien AI there is!  It will hunt you down and you will spend a lot of time hiding under desks and in lockers, whilst it stalks you.  You can hear it skulking around you, between vents, etc., creating more anticipation.

For an Alien, it is a thing of beauty (albeit, it’s happy to kill you!).  The audio in this game was all matched exceedingly well and everything just brings back the memories of watching the very first Alien film, which is also a master piece and an absolute classic!  Any time a game list comes up which is getting looked at for its visual design, this has to be on it, and even all these years later, it still holds up.  When you compare the in game design to the first Alien film, it’s uncanny.  We have the huge displays and basic designs on the computers themselves, to the lounge, which is clearly influence from Alien.  The real shame here is that the game never got marketed enough, in my view, and it didn’t make enough money.  This is a massive shame as I doubt we will ever get an Alien game as good as this again.  I strongly urge every one to go buy this (along with a spare pare of underpants!) and enjoy one of the finest survival horror experiences you will get.

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