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It’s been a couple of years since an E3 event, and probably even longer since we’ve recorded what we thought of them, but for E3 2022 we’ve made an effort.  Of course, it’s not really about E3 because everyone decided they’d had enough of that and have either done their own livestream, or created an entirely new entity that’s basically just the same with a different name.  There’s not enough time to cover everything that was announced, revealed, leaked or teased, so we’ll just focus in on what we found the most interesting.

Ali and Matt roped in the ever opinionated Stuart Cullen to discuss what they thought about:

  • This year’s hardware and publisher showcases,
  • Geoff’s one man show – Summer Games Fest v2.0,
  • Who was there, who wasn’t, and if E3 2022 was a draw for gamers
  • Whether Xbox actually brought anything of interest to the table,
  • If it’s finally dead as a trade show,
  • and a whole heap of other stuff we can’t remember because it’s taken about 4 weeks to edit the damn podcast.

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