Jurassic World Evolution 2 – Feathered Species Pack

feathered species

It’s been a little while since we last got additional content for Jurassic World Evolution 2, but those itching for more prehistoric beasts to create and introduce to the modern world need look no further than the Feathered Species DLC that’s just released.  Containing new creatures, new options, and being accompanied by a pretty beefy game update from Frontier Developments, it’s not one to be overlooked, especially if you want some feathered reptiles in your life park.

The main draw is (as always) the dinosaurs, and they don’t disappoint.  Most striking is the Yutyrannus and will be swallowing goats whole in the enclosure once you get it hatched.  Maybe not initially as compelling is the Jeholopterus which takes roost in the aviary, and whilst it looks a bit like a bat, the fantastic wing patterns remind me of a moth… though that’s what it’s likely to eat from the new insect feeder.  Plant eaters get a look in with Deinocheirus which is bipedal and humped with a duck-like bill – so will be stand out amongst all the others you’ll house it with.  Then finally it’s the smallest of the lot, Sinosauropteryx (try saying that after a couple of beers).  Despite the lemur-like tail, it’ll be hard to spot in the tall grasses, which is just what it needs to stalk its prey.  The fact that all of these are feathered might not mean much initially, but get a close up view and you’ll see gorgeous details on all of them that really make them a visual treat.

Not leaving everything for the paying customers, update 6 is here for free as well and brings a mix of fixes and improvements across the board.  There are new structures to place around the park to flesh out the larger spaces, and come in the form of remote viewing galleries that are linked by underground tunnels to let guests venture into the heart of the enclosures.  For those with thrillseekers visiting, there are new variants on the zip lines as well, and a cinematic camera has been added to make the most of the beautiful modelling details.  Not feeling left out, the Sandbox mode gets new play spaces and updated options that will add to the already impressive customisation in there.

From a quality of life perspective, Jurassic World Evolution 2 – Feathered Species Pack update 6 brings buildings that construct instantly (like toilets and shelters); shortcuts for multiple building’s construction; better navigation through water for small dinosaurs; random rock placements; more management view toggles; and ease of reading improvements too.  For those who start on the PS4 and move to next gen, or play across both, there’s now the option to merge saves so that you can carry across progress to the PS5 without losing anything already created.  More numerous bug fixes are in place alongside these benefits, and you can read all about those if you head over to the Frontier Developments specific post.

Whilst there’s no real surprise in the Feathered Species DLC, in that it contains new dinosaurs, it does what it has been doing since the beginning – delivering quality incremental updates that bring some new life to the game.  It’s approaching 18 months old with a good active community, and still manages to suck away your free time when you boot it up, so for the price of entry this is a DLC pack worth getting.  If you’re not sold on adding new creatures, the update itself with the free content is a nice touch and that will at the very least have you figuring out how to get those patrons close to the jaws of a T-Rex…

A PS5 copy of Jurassic World Evolution 2 – Feathered Species Pack was provided by Frontier Developments PR team, and it’s available now on all platforms the main game is for around £6; whilst the game update is free to all.

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