It’s Monaco, Baby!

It hardly feels like the season has started and yet we’re already at Monaco for the 6th round of the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship.  Coinciding with this glamorous weekend, Codemasters have released some gorgeous comparison screenshots so we can look at the differences between last year and this year’s games in all their glory.  Stuart Campbell, the art director on F1 2019, said:

“After the big visual improvements across the board in F1 2018, this year the art team has focused on a number of circuits, including Monaco which is the flagship event in the F1® calendar.  We have increased the building fidelity with higher resolution geometry and a lot of the previously textured elements now have a full geometry pass, which is perfectly demonstrated in turn one heading up to the casino.  We’ve increased object placement and crowd density which provides more interest and realism and brings greater depth so the player gets a better sense of the atmosphere during the race weekend.  From a surface perspective, new scan-based tarmac adds to the realism by giving better light response on the track surface.  We are incredibly proud of the work the team has put in and we know our players will notice and appreciate the difference when they play F1 2019 in a month’s time.”

I’m sure you’ll agree that it really is looking stunning for the latest instalment, and we can’t wait to be racing around all the circuits in F1 2019, not just the tight walled street circuit on show here.

It’s all about the buildings in the background and how they’ve got so much more detail than last year and appear more lifelike.

In fairness, belting along the twisting track at over 180 mph it’s unlikely you’ll notice the change in geometry on the front of the buildings, but at least it’ll make the replays seem even more authentic.

The game releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on the 28th June, though you can get your hands on the Legends Edition a few days earlier.

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