Isn’t it Ironic?

We’re always hankering after a nostalgic point and click adventure here at Codec Moments, and there’s one inbound from Artifex Mundi that’s shaping up to be something pretty different.  We say that because it promises to be use less obscure logic and not rely on pixel hunting to solve devious mentally stretching conundrums.  Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love is colourful comedy spy adventure set in an alternate timeline where the Cold War never ended.  You’ll play as Evan, a journalist that’s been sent to report on an Eastern European country, and has unwittingly become a spy.  With a focus on puzzles and characterisation this looks to be a truly epic battle between communism and capitalism seen through the eyes of the little people… or at least we hope it is.

There’s a lot going on in Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love, including:

  • An intriguing spy story
  • Absurd citizens and ridiculous situations
  • Strong backstories to give characters real context
  • Puzzles that can be solved in multiple ways
  • Hand painted locations
  • Tonnes of Easter eggs
  • Professional voice overs and a grand score

We have to say it’s the art style and preposition that’s got us the most interested though.

If the trailer is anything to go by, and the press blurb released so far, Irony Curtain is probably going to be a really entertaining ride.  The genre is relatively sparsely populated with new titles, Dead Synchronicity being the last one we remember playing that wasn’t a remaster or re-release, and with Beneath a Steel Sky getting a sequel announced recently and 3 Minutes to Midnight due soon, it feels like there’s a bit of a revival of point and click games.  We can’t wait to get into something that challenges our minds as much as our muscle memory.

Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love will be out in Q2 2019 on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch for around £20 depending on platform and location.

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