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We’re not far from the release of Homefront: The Revolution and the latest story trailer has dropped to give you an insight into who you’re going to be fighting for, and what you’re battling against.

This is the follow up to the so-so Homefront that ended up practically being given away in UK GAME stores – it wasn’t too bad a game, it just didn’t seem to shift the numbers expected so copies were sold off for less than £5.  Where the original game saw the Korean People’s Army invade and conquer the US, Homefront: The Revolution puts us in the shoes of Ethan Brady, a new recruit within the resistance in the heart of the KPA occupation of the US.  In this open world first person shooter you’ll explore detailed environments and experience a dark and shocking storyline (at least that’s what we’re promised), as well as leading a guerilla movement against the occupying forces.

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are intent on providing a compelling and believable world here, just take a look at the history they’ve built to provide the backstory on how the US could have feasibly been invaded, and the documentary created in 2026…

Not only is the game open world, but there’s also co-op where you and a friend can team up to inspire the populus and become famous resistance fighters in your own right.  Powered by CRYENGINE, we know the game will look good, and there’s a huge amount of motion capture in place to bring realistic performances from the main characters; but it’s the promise of a world affected by your actions that sounds most intriguing.  The question from us here is whether it’ll be a dynamic change in the populus, or simply a scripted update depending on your progress through the story?

With a focus on homegrown defence, we’re expecting crafting and resource management to feature in your fight, and the prospect of guerilla warfare tactics being at the fore is tantalising.  Homefront: The Revolution has a couple of huge games to overhaul if it’s to make an impact on the sales charts when it releases – Uncharted 4 and Doom are likely to be mainstays right through the summer.  However, it does offer something a bit different, and hopefully unique in that it’s not just a case of The Saboteur meets Freedom Fighters (anyone remember that one from the IO Interactive boys?).

Homefront: The Revolution releases on the 20th May 2016 and will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.  Pre-ordering now will net you various bonuses depending on your favourite gaming outlet, and there’s a companion app available right now that’ll give bonuses in the final game.

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