Episode IX – Hitman Thought Shower

The-Codec-Call-Mic-Logo-web We love Hitman… nothing more, nothing less than that.  Some of the best moments of our gaming years have been spent plotting and executing the perfect assassination in IO Interactive’s murder simulator.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  We spent a lot of time plotting then cocking it up as we misread a guard pattern, or forgot to pack silenced weapons.  However a mission went though, we were always eager to hit restart and strive for a better, neater, cleaner solution to the level – that’s simply what it awoke in us.  With news of a new Hitman on the horizon, we just had to spend some time delving into our favourite instalment (Blood Money), talking about what made it the experience it is, and what we want to see coming in December this year. If you want the YouTube option with full (badly demonstrated) gameplay footage then hit up the video below, and if you just want the audio then go for the podcast option – don’t worry, the video’s not needed to enjoy it, but we recommend it.  We’d love to know what you think the new Hitman game is going to be like so share your hopes and fears in the comments below, via Twitter or Facebook, or even on email.

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