Happy Alien Day!


It’s the 26th April and that means only one thing – a random date to celebrate a pivotal cultural moment.  Well, mostly a pivotal moment… mostly.  With LV426 being the moon that Alien is set on, later called Acheron (named after the Ancient Greek and meaning river of woe), it’s close enough to a date format to create a point in time where we can talk about all things Xenomorph.  This year we also get to tie it in with the upcoming Aliens: Fireteam, which we still know little about, so Andy, Ali and Matt have taken the opportunity to talk about the history of movie franchise crossing over to games.  There have been a lot more titles than you might realise, some good, some awful, and here they’re discussing the formative ones from their gaming lives.

Listen to this episode of the Codec Moments Podcast to find out:

  • What was the first Aliens game the team played
  • Can Andy work out if his first memories were even an Aliens game
  • If there’s any love for Colonial Marines
  • How far did everyone make it through Alien: Isolation
  • Whether Ali confuses Alien Trilogy with Die Hard Trilogy
  • Our hopes and expectations for Fireteam
  • Does Matt confuse AvP2 with the first AvP game
  • and more!

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