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We mentioned in the last podcast that there was an unused recording from December which we might pull some bits out of.  Well, in true Plain Lazy fashion, we’ve ripped big chunks and cobbled it together as if it was a brand new episode!  To at least give you some hope that we’re not fleecing your time with old, out of date rubbish, we got Stuart Cullen to come back and talk to us about Scotch Corner’s latest content.  Hit up the link to your favourite podcast provider or just go old skool and download it from here to find out what else we’re covering this time.

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Listen to this episode of the Codec Call to hear:

  • Matt’s thoughts on PlayStation VR
  • A Glaswegian waxing lyrical about I Am Bread, eSports and Sniper Elite 4
  • How Andy’s discovered the world of Skyrim
  • Whether we’re seeking legal counsel over #CodecMomentum
  • and some bad pretending that we’ve actually prepped for the recording (see the post closing theme reveal for what we nearly forgot to talk about)

As usual, you can reach us on Twitter or Facebook or via contact-us@codecmoments.com, we love to hear your views and questions.  We’d also be especially happy if you could leave us a review on iTunes, ta!

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