GRIPped Again

GRIP was one of the most intense racers we played last year and even though we thought there was a decent amount of content in it, apparently the developers didn’t.  It’s now getting a free update that adds loads of new features, tracks and mayhem for players to get their twitchy hands on.  Great news for those that have the game already, and just another reason to go and buy it if it passed you by in November 2018.  Wired Productions and Caged Element are continuing their commitment to the physics betraying combat racer by giving away four new tracks, team modes and adding in deathmatch.

It should be live now for PC players via Steam, and hitting consoles in the next couple of weeks, and brings the track roster to 27 as well as opening up the game modes further as well.

  • Team Racing – players can now join either Red or Blue teams to battle it out in any racing mode.  These include: Classic Race, Ultimate, Elimination and Speed Demon.
  • Team Deathmatch – the way deathmatch is meant to be played.  Jump on Red or Blue and blast each other away.
  • Each of the team modes are supported in multiplayer and in tournament format.  Each side (Red and Blue) have a team emblem/sigil to set them apart more and create a better rivalry.
  • New track: Mindbender.
  • New track: Naptha Valley.
  • New track: Hive Horizon.
  • New track: Spin Cycle.
  • The level cap is being increased to 40 and more paint and tire unlocks will join it.

There are some more bits coming too in the form of paid decal packs, but even if you’re not interested in the cosmetic side of the cars, or parting with your cash, you can’t deny that there’s some quality additions landing in one of the most chaotic racing games in recent memory.  GRIP is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch and if you’ve the Xbox Game Pass then you can play it right now.

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