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Codemasters latest entry in the GRID series is here and it’s a great racing game (our review will be out when we’ve had chance to put the multiplayer through its paces), but unlike the studios usual offerings, we’ve found that the base vibration and controls are a little lacking.  We’ve experimented with a few different setups and found a couple of suggestions that we think are serviceable, though the root cause of the anaemic feedback probably needs a patch to correct it.  As usual, the wheel settings are based on the Logitech G29, but should help tune whatever your preferred brand is.  The pad settings are based on the standard DualShock 4.

There aren’t many settings to play with in GRID, it keeps things pretty simple, so lets start with the wheel.  Our main advice is to just turn everything up.  Tyre Friction, Suspension and Wheel Friction are the ones to focus on so that you can get the feel of the road surface, turn these up until you’re happy with the feedback.  Tip: you can do this from the pause menu mid-race.  Collision got a bump up as well so that you can tell when one of the AI decides to ram you off the road.  Centre force is personal preference as it’s how hard the wheel wrenches things back to the middle, so dial it up to give yourself a work out.

One thing that seems to be out of whack in GRID is the sharpness of the steering.  Small inputs can result in unwanted spins and slides, so if you’re finding things a little too slippy then try altering the Steering Linearity so that reduces the sensitivity and allows more movement in the wheel before it oversteers.  There’s no real need to play with the deadzones, just ensure you run through the calibration part before heading off to the races.

If you’re using a controller then for once there’s a plethora of options to mess around with.  For this the deadzone can be tweaked as the default of 20 is a bit to much for fine control.  You can get to this setting through hitting the edit option in the binding settings, it comes up as an option under the steering controls.

For us the controller has the same issue as the wheel, it’s overly sharp and prone to causing slides that are even harder to catch with the sticks and buttons.  Dropping the sensitivity down a bit (between 5 and 10 points) will take the edge off.  We didn’t alter the steering linearity, this seems to be OK in GRID on the pad.

For the vibration it’s pretty much the same advice as the wheel – crank it up.  The default is so weak that you can barely tell it’s rumbling so definitely turn them all up and set the emphasis on the one that you want to have respond the most.  Tyre slip might be the most useful to give you a sense of grip… or rather when you’re losing it across the tarmac.

These gave us a decent grounding to get by until an inevitable patch drops, but if you’ve any suggestions then drop them in the comments below.  The GRID Ultimate edition is out now, and the standard version releases on 11th October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for around £45.

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