GRID Legends Wheel Settings

Grid Legends Wheel Settings

There’s a new Codemasters racer out and with it comes the need to delve into the various options to get our physical movements translated to the game, and by that we mean we’ve been playing with the GRID Legends wheel settings.  Now, you’ll notice that there’s actually very little can be done, these settings aren’t as comprehensive as some other games, but at least there are a few tweaks can be made.  We’ve skipped the input bindings page, but it’s worth noting that you can test the travel of your wheel, pedals and even handbrake if you’ve got one from that screen.  All the settings are based on playing with a Logitech G29 wheel, pedals and shifter setup, other brands may require different approaches (though you can still try these), and of course, this is all a matter of preference and alterations to the setup are recommended depending on your own particular feel.  A word of caution, we felt the vibration in this latest GRID was very weak – even ramped up to full – so if this gets tweaked in a patch and becomes more forceful, don’t blame us for any injuries.

Vibration & Feedback

Essentially the changes we’ve made are to dial back on the force of the wheel pull so that we didn’t wear our arms out, whilst at the same time increasing the tyre friction so that there was a tangible feel between the rubber and the tarmac.  Granted, in this game there’s not a huge amount of difference between vehicles, but there is on the track when you start racing on snow and the lack of grip becomes clear.  From a vibration point of view we cranked up the suspension so that we can eek out some kind of feel going over the rumble strips, and also the collision to realise when a vengeful AI driver has smacked us in the back.  Centre force we dropped a bit so that rig wouldn’t snap fingers when resetting to the track (which is actually fairly unlikely to happen in-game).

Mostly this has given us a good feel for driving each of the varied cars in the game, though there’s no denying that there’s a bit of work needed on the feedback so that it replicates the surfaces and different weights of the vehicles better.  For now though these GRID Legends wheel settings are working reasonably well on the G29.

GRID Legends is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and you can read our thoughts on what’s new and shiny here.

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