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We’ve finally done it, we’ve gotten round to updating Codec Momentum with a points system, league table, ranks and personalised banners and avatars for Facebook and Twitter.  Our latest podcast gives you all the details you need, at length, and in great detail too… so don’t skip the 20 mins we spend explaining a very, very simple concept!  We also lost track of time and Matt ran out of recording space whilst we were talking about which games we want to see in VR, listen out for him sounding like he’s phoning it in… literally.

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In Got Momentum? we talk about:

  • July’s Codec Momentum winner
  • The lack of games we’ve been playing
  • The new ranks for Codec Momentum
  • Why are people still using VHS tapes?
  • Which accolades we’re adding to the new Codec Momentum banners
  • More Pokemon Go news
  • Who’s topping our new Codec Momentum league table
  • Andy’s progress with #RouteMaster
  • Oh, and something about Codec Momentum.

As usual, if you’ve got comments, questions or things you want us to discuss, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or through; we’re waiting to hear from you!  If you’ve Got Momentum, and have had it all year, we’ll be in touch to send you your personalised avatars and banners very soon.

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