Trophy Hunters – Codec Momentum Update Nov ’17

We’re back on schedule after a mammoth AMA and it’s time to take stock and ask who has finished the game they pledged to complete from their piles of shame in November (hint: it’s not Andy)?  It’s time to delve into the Jiffy Bag of joy and pick a winner from the November 2017 #CodecMomentum page, will it be you?  Tune in to find out that and more in the Codec Moments Podcast.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • November’s impressive display of PSVR releases
  • November’s Codec Momentum update
  • The leaderboard
  • Andy’s homemade trophies for 2017’s winners!

If you’ve never taken part in a #CodecMomentum challenge why not have a go?  Just find a game you haven’t finished, pledge it here, and then crack on with it.  Simples!  Contact us via Twitter or Facebook or email, and don’t forget to send us confirmation of your completions so that we can feature you in the hall of fame.  Until next time…

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