Zombie Army 4: Dead War RAGNARÖK DLC

Zombie Army 4: Dead War RAGNARÖK DLC

Time for more antics in Hell...

zombie army 4 ragnarok

Zombie Army 4: Dead War has been a blast since it was released back in 2020, being the perfect blend of co-op fun and undead gunplay.  Surprisingly though it’s been far from a one and done affair, as Rebellion have supported the game with not one, not two, but three season passes, which have added mini campaigns as well as an endless amount of goodies to the game like skins and hats.  Well just when you thought it was all over, just like its cannon fodder of rotten Third Reich corpses, the game has one last treat in store.  RAGNARÖK is a new chapter in the campaign, that adds a number of fun new cosmetics to the mix.

You fill the now well-worn boots of an Alpha Squad member, who has been tasked with their “final mission”.  That sees them having to descend into hell once again, but having to go much further than ever before this time round.  You must locate Project Ragnarök (the last remaining fortress of the Hell cult, where the few surviving members have retreated to), but ultimately you must destroy it and hopefully bring the nightmare to an end once and for all.  The new mission is broken into two different chapters Ragnarök Campaign – Parts I & II and on the whole is what you would expect.  However, Part One is more attack focused with Part Two taking the lead on the storytelling as you battle through the hordes.  Gameplay is also what you would expect, so if you’re a fan you’re in for a treat, as the missions pulls on all the nasties the game has thrown at you to date to try and stop you, plus throws in a few new challenges.

Personally I have wanted to take on one of the zombie sharks ever since I first seen them in the waters of Venice… well no spoilers, but at the end of Part I you’re going to need a bigger U-boat.  Overall the mission is fun as it’s well put together with some really interesting environments to battle through.  As well as being really nicely paced, as you do the staple actions i.e.. defend this point, destroy this thing, or just leg it.  Along with the new mission you also get a few new skins if you buy the bundle, including Future Karl, Marie Lounge Singer and Josiah Detective, adding a bit of style and flavour to your character customization.  Plus like all other DLC drops for the game there is also a new FREE horde map called “Death Collector”.  Once again a nice touch as it means everyone can get a flavour of the DLC without having to own it.

At an asking price of £12.99 it’s far from a bank busting addition to an already bumper package.  Though it would have been nice if there were an extra gun or two added once again to proceedings.  Zombie Army 4: Dead War RAGNARÖK is once again a fun addition to a rock solid core title, which adds in more of what fans love as well as ticking one of the big wants boxes too for some.  And it’s well worth grabbing if you’re hungry for more.

An Xbox review code for Zombie Army 4: Dead War RAGNARÖK was provided by Rebellion’s PR team, and the DLC is out now for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch for around £13.  If you’re looking for more slo-mo/x-ray killcam/stealth/shooter action, just without the undead theme, don’t forget that Sniper Elite 5: France is due to release soon on 26th May.

The Verdict


The Good: New mission | More of the same | Finally get to go “fishing”

The Bad: Over too soon | No new weapons

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