The Walking Dead S2 Ep2 – PS Vita

The Walking Dead S2 Ep2 – PS Vita

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 is out now for the Vita, but how does it stand up against it console counterpart?

The Walking Dead Season 2 Feature

If you are of one of the enduring fans of The Walking Dead, you’ll be quite accustomed to the drill.  Whether we’re talking about the comics, the TV show or the episodic video games, you have had to live with waiting.  Although this is the same case for most other media that we digest, the wait can truly heighten or lessen the experience depending on how it turns out.

When season two of The Walking Dead was released on PlayStation Vita, both episodes 1 and 2 came at the same time.  Shortly after completing the first episode, I hopped over to the second eager to complete the adventure.  Being able to play the game on Vita has allowed me to see different story elements when compared to when I played on PS3 (you can check out the PS3 review of Season 2 Episode 2 here).  My choices are largely different and the new outcomes are exciting.  I, as a gamer, generally play the same way when I am given a choice both morally and objectively;  Fallout 3 being a prime example.  Although I intended to play it the evil way the second time around, I constantly reverted back to my initial choices of the good karma path.  Maybe my gaming conscious is higher than most, but I find it difficult to play the bad guy.  Playing on Vita has allowed me the opportunity to see how different the story can be when choosing new dialogue and forging new choices.

The Walking Dead 7

Thankfully this episode seemed to run better than the first on the Vita.  I have no idea why there would be a difference but there clearly appeared to be.  Stuttering and lag was cut down and the audio static, while still present, was diminished; overall the experience was enhanced.  It comes as a surprise to no one that immersion is extremely important in games and the smoother the game runs the more immersive it becomes.  Fortunately the audio issues and stuttering are not intrusive enough to pull you from the game for long.  Even my second time playing through I was glued to the screen for a couple of hours straight.  I am hopeful that episode 3 will be even more refined as Telltale continues to make slight enhancements to their engine and formula.  Feel free to keep coming back to Codec Moments for future episode comparisons!  So what is your favorite episode?  Post it in the comments below and make your thoughts known!

Review code for The Walking Dead Season 2 for the PlayStation Vita was provided by the Telltale PR team.

The Verdict


The Good: My personal favorite episode yet of TWD game. Wonderful surprises and tense moments make this a memorable time!

The Bad: Lag and technical issues are still present, but to a lesser extent. With virtually no puzzles to be found, writing and story become the main reason to stick with the game.

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