Come and look into my mind?

Transference is a game that has completely come out of the blue, and has been a complete surprise for myself – I knew nothing about the game, but it interested me with the screenshots I had seen.  Transference is a psychological thriller adventure video game that is a cross between a video movie and first person thriller game.  The game has been developed by SpectrVision which is founded by Elijah Wood and Ubisoft Montreal, published by Ubisoft and is going to be an interesting look into the minds of these characters, I know looking into my mind would be one crazy place I wouldn’t want to invite anyone into.

Transference is a VR game that is about a family struggling with some serious mental health issues that have then been added to a corrupted simulation which has been created by a scientist called Raymond.  The simulation has been created from all the different perspectives of the family and the simulation has been built around the brain data from Raymond, his wife and their young son.  It has you moving around these fragments of the family’s brain data to repair the corruption by collecting evidence, and you will also discover hidden secrets if you know where to look.  To unlock these broken fragments you will have to solve various puzzles which will allow progression the next area, and whilst some of these puzzles are easier than others, the brain data becomes a lot more disjointed and spooky as the game goes on.

Things become more complicated as you enter the apartment where the family live and start to solve multiple puzzles at once because you have to move between the different brain data of the family members via the use of a light switch.  Transference then opens up different doors or objects that were inaccessible due to the corruption in the brain data.  The game has a very eerie tone with how quiet everything –  just spooky music with various sound effects which change from room to room.  Add a slight stutter to it all and a glitching effect and it starts to turn into a horror game which I can only imagine gets worse when you are in VR.

In all the game is worth picking up, but may be when it’s on offer because it’s a game more about the experience than anything else.  The puzzles are not that hard once you get the hang of swapping between the different memories, and it is a quick one to complete.  I completed the game in a couple of sittings but the experience of the game was great so if you are a gamer that likes narrative games, and if you are playing in VR, this is a game probably for you.

An Xbox One review copy of Transference was provided by Ubisoft’s PR team and the game is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC for around £20.

The Verdict


The Good: The atmosphere | The story | The level of detail

The Bad: Standard controls are a little clunky | It’s very short game | Won’t be for everyone

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