The Quarry

The Quarry

Between lots of rocks and a hard place.

the quarry

When it comes to modern day horror titles one studio has truly mastered the cinematic slasher thriller, Supermassive Games who are the team behind the interactive slasher flick with the likes of The Dark Pictures Anthology and Until Dawn under their belts.  So it’s no surprise that their latest title The Quarry is following their tried and tested winning formula once again – i.e. grab a cast of Hollywood stars and throw them into a horror movie setting, with you shaping the outcome of the tale based on your every choice.

The Quarry offers up classic teen thriller fare, as its tale follows Laura Kearney and Max Brinly who drive to Upstate New York in the middle of the night to visit Hackett’s Quarry, where the two have been hired as summer camp counsellors.  For those keeping tabs on horror tropes, best get ready to lose count as there are a lot of them to be found here – which isn’t really a bad thing.  As is the way, the group of counsellors decide to stay one extra night at the quarry and that’s when things start to go wrong in the most horrible of ways.  Now this game is HEAVY on the story, so we’ll stop there to avoid any spoilers.

Gameplay sees you jumping between the group of characters during the same time frame, so you can see the story from every angle, as there are often two sides to every part.  During this, you’re trying to work out what’s happening, as well as ultimately striving to survive the night.  If you have played Until Dawn you may be saying isn’t this just the same because, like that game, there is no guarantee that any of the cast will make it to sunrise.  The Quarry instead has you focusing on just one location, which is a lot smaller than past games, and has you really getting to know the cast, which ultimately helps with not only you caring about the characters, but also fleshing out the tale as a whole.  By no means expect this to get beyond the teen slasher mould, which you can tell Supermassive are 100% feeding on here with the game, as it does an outstanding job at building the overall tension.

Where things hit the bumps a little is in the early pacing, as things start out strong with a killer (in more ways than one) prologue before kicking it back a few gears for a chapter or two, when the main game starts before building it all up once again.  Gameplay is very much Supermassive signature style, so expect heavy scripting with the odd area to explore, but most of your time will be spent choosing dialog options to move things forward for better or worse.  Beware, some of these choices are against the clock, the same as the quick-time events you come across too.  Luckily the timing on these is fair and well telegraphed, though be warned that QTEs are seen as choices as well and failing may have an impact on the tale down the line.

A big part of the game is the acting and the Quarry comes packed with an all-star cast.  We are talking Skyler Gisondo, David Arquette, Justice Smith and Lance Henriksen to name a few.  All of whom put in a solid performance, both in the facial capture and voice acting department.  With the game being an interactive movie in some respects, you can bet it looks the part and is full of detail especially being able to see small movements in characters faces, which overall adds a more human feel to them which is a huge plus.  The Quarry is Supermassive Games back doing what they do best.   This is something that has been lost a little in past titles like The Dark Pictures Anthology.  If you’re looking for a Friday night thriller that ticks all the boxes, then best stick the popcorn on and grab your mates as this is really a killer.

An Xbox copy of The Quarry was provided by Supermassive Games’ PR team, and it’s out now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation for around £60 depending on platform.

The Verdict


The Good: Extremely cinematic | Outstanding cast | Popcorn fun

The Bad: Will be too light on the gameplay front for some

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